Hi there, I’m Javier.

I am a proactive and pragmatic person, wanting to improve myself every day. I am motivated by technological innovation, challenges and teamwork. I am passionate about life.
Personal Details

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Languages: Spanish, English

Nationality: Spanish

I Am a

I have over 4 years of experience growing and improving my skills working alongside amazing people. Throughout these years I have grown professionally with a culture that has developed my mindset and has made me understand working on IT projects as a collaboration between different teams looking for the best solution aligned with business guidelines.

The mindset.

Mindset is key. The way we think is as important as our skills. Here are some concepts that form the basis of the philosophy of work I have gained my experience.

Automation is a cornerstone

Automating processes and tasks, such as infrastructure provisioning, testing, configuration management and application deployment, allows people to focus on other valuable activities, reduces the potential for human error and encourage to make continuous improvement to optimize performance, cost and speed of delivery.


CI/CD processes are the inevitable items in medium and large scaled software projects. Is one of the best practices to implement for delivering code changes more frequently and reliably. It's a mechanism to integrate and validate changes and it's key in the process of creating autonomous teams.

Infrastructure as Code

Making code the single source of truth by managing infrastructure using configuration files, allows efficiently create and launch sandbox environments to develop in isolation safely, gives full traceability of the changes each configuration suffered and ensure consistency across the entire infrastructure.

Reducing organizational silos

Closing the gap between actions needed to quickly change an application and the tasks that maintain it's reliability reduce friction between IT teams. Working closely with product developers ensures that the designed solution responds to non-functional requirements such as availability, security, scalability, maintainability, etc.

Embrace Failure and Learn From it

It is a priority to work towards the goal of keeping the cost of failure as small as possible, although blameless postmortem of incidents and failures is a mandate to prevent recurrence and improve processes and systems.

Measuring everything

Encourage measurement of the performance of processes and the results obtained with the feedback loop to achieve continuous improvement.

Work Expertise

These are some of the most relevant technologies, tools and services with which I have worked in my years of experience.

i am a former student at...

Degree in Telematics Engineering
Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering

Let's Build Something Together.

Feel free to contact me if you think I can be part of your team, if you have a question or just want to connect.